Online Songwriting Sessions

Mark’s online sessions are perfect for those interested in learning musical composition and lyrical techniques. We offer private lessons for those looking to develop their songwriting abilities and skills. Core elements of the curriculum include:

  1. The study of melody
  2. Harmonic accompaniment
  3. Song form and analysis
  4. Chord movement
  5. Bass line development
  6. Rhythmic function and purpose
  7. Lead sheet writing
  8. Integration of melody and lyrics
  9. Bridge development in a song
  10. The use of modulation

As we approach writing lyrics, we will cover the following topics:

  1. Expanding on the initial idea
  2. Lyrical form
  3. Approaches to hook development
  4. Use of thesaurus and rhyming dictionary
  5. Writing to existing melody
  6. Collaboration with composers
  7. Matching lyrics and music

Please contact Mark Clayton Songs for additional information.